Individual actions shift the paradigm. Shifting the paradigm generates political pressure. Political pressure creates city-state actions. We cannot all be Greta Thunberg, few of us achieve that level of impact, but our accomplishments do matter. Here are some of mine:

Water catchment. This is expensive and requires home ownership.

  1. metal roof
  2. rain barrels
  3. water system

Planting trees. We have a garden and have planted about 15 trees.

Planting edibles. We also grow vegetables and fruits.

Remote work. I have been working from home for upwards of eight years now. (Thank you to Dan BROOKS for reminding me to include this.)

Single car family with electric car. An electric car is not perfect for the environment, but it is better than a fossil fuel burning car is. We have one 2011 Nissan Leaf  between the two of us. When one of us drives, the other bikes/buses. This is expensive (approx 20k) and not without environmental downsides (e.g. mining, disposal...).

Vegetarian. I am not militant about this. My rule is that I do not spend my own money on meat. If I am at someone's house and they serve me lamb, then I eat it.

Stay-cation. I avoid travel and plane flight. Sometimes I break this for family trips.

Purchasing carbon credits. When I do fly, I purchase Carbon Credits. These are surprisingly affordable. (Thank you to Dan BROOKS for reminding me to include this too.)

Divestment in fossil fuel. This has an important impact on shifting the paradigm. Bill Gates points out its low impact on the fossil fuel industry. The paradigm shifting impact is worth it. We use the RBC Vision Fossil Fuel Free Global Equity Fund.

Composting and recycling. We rarely have a full garbage, we separate things on disposal into compost (two categories), recycling (five to ten categories), and garbage.

Voting green. Not only is Elizabeth May a terrific MP, but the Green Party is the most focused on the climate crisis.

Individuals can help shift the paradigm, actions are one way to do this. Our actions need not be perfect; it's enough to move in the right direction.