The unrelated image shows the water system in our garden. Now, on to index types in TypeScript.

Address defines an interface. AddressBook defines an interface with a string index signature. The compiler will check that all of the properties of an AddressBook are of type Address. For instance, addressConstants is an object that can contain only properties of type Address.

Here it is in the TypeScript playground.

interface Address {
    street: string;
    postalCode: string;
    province: string;
    country: string;

interface AddressBook {
    [key: string]: Address;

const addressConstants = {
    // allowed
    OWNER: {
        street: "...", 
        postalCode: "...", 
        province: "....", 
        country: "...",
    // forbidden
    // OWNER_NAME: {
    //    firstName: "...", 
    //    lastName: "...",
    // }
} as AddressBook;