How we do code review at BigFont


The unrelated image is of Shaun's new bicycle. Onward to code review:

Checkout the branch.

Create a list of files.

git diff master --name-status > code-review-notes.txt  

This local manifest helps because:

  • it acts as a checklist for files that we have already reviewed, and
  • it lets us take notes on files; these notes might be worth sharing later.

Clean, build, run tests, run the linter. I.e. does the code work and pass the teams linting rules? Note the outcome in the code-review-notes.txt file.

For each file in the local manifest, take notes on it. Then mark it as "done" when its review is complete.

Understand what the code is doing. Then write down a short, precise description. This description helps because:

  • it lets us share our understanding of the code with its author, and
  • it provides a basis for checking its actual behavior against its requirements.

More to come...